Innovative Dual Antenna
Complies with IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Intelligent Power Management
Signal 45% upgraded
2000mW power
Support 64/128-bit WEP Encryption, WPA, WPA2
Support PSP online playing
Support software AP

Chipset: Ralink 3070
Data rate:
802.11g: 54Mbps
Antenna: Dual External Antenna (6dbi each)
Output Power: 23dbm (OFDM), 30dbm (CCK)
Frequency Range: 2.4GHz (ISM Band)
Host Interface: Mini USB
Operating Voltage: DC 5V-5%
Temperature: Operating: 0C~+50C, Storage: ~+65C
Support Windows 7/Vista/XP, and Linux, Mac
CE, 3C, FCC, ROHS Certified

Package Content

1 x Signalking SK-999WN USB wireless adapter
2 x High gain Omni Antenna
1 x Latest Back Track CD
1 x Window driver Included in CD As well.
1 x Beini CD

Selling it cause got another wireless adaptor.

Since Fifa 07 favours a fast pace, the most important attributes for players are sprinting and acceleration. Gamers should focus on building these stats in FOL2.

  • Tips from IAHGames
The game operator of Fifa Online 2 for South-east Asia suggests that when selecting your first team to manage, do not form a team with the players that you want. That is because the players in your original line-up will have their stats lowered and you end up spending a lot of time beefing up their skills. So if you want to play in the Barclays Premier League and want to get Rooney and Ronaldo, do not choose Manchester United. Go for a lowly team in the league like Sunderland.
Then, as you play the game, players from other teams in the league will start appearing in the transfer market. When you buy these players, their stats will be considerably higher than if they were in your initial team's line-up.
Sprinting and acceleration are the most important attributes for your attackers so they can outrun the defence to get into scoring positions. Ball control is quite important for midfielders so they will not lose possession of the ball so easily.
At the end of the day, it is still your playing skill that matters more than the stats of your players.

  • Items for sale
There are two types of virtual currencies in FOL2. The first is called League Points (LP), which you earn from winning games and completing side quests. The second is called Cash Points (CP), which you need to pay for with real money.
Here is a sneak peek of the items available for sale at the in-game store when the game goes commercial next month.

  • Attack goggles
Increases the long passing ability of your player. Now we know why famous Dutch midfielder Edgar Davids wears them.

  • Manager experience up card
Increases the experience points of your manager by 20 per cent. So you spend less time to get him ranked higher.

  • Change coach name plus LP
Lets you use Cash Points to change the name of your coach from the default black font to a different colour, plus you get extra LPs.

  • Goal ceremony
Your players can now celebrate in a new style when they score goals.

  • Position change
This item lets you switch the default position of your player, say from striker to defender. Here's your chance to prove that Ronaldinho works better as a defender.

Brought to you by IAHGames.

For changing directory / to /etc
  • [root@semakness /]# cd /etc
One step back /etc to /
  • [root@semakness etc]# cd ..
Go to previous working directory
  • [root@semakness /]# cd -
Go to current login user home directory
  • [root@semakness etc]# cd ~
Show the contents of /etc in single color
  • [root@semakness ~]#  dir  /etc
Show the contents of /etc in different colors with nature of contents
  • [root@semakness ~]#  Ls  /etc
Create a folder on root partition
  • [root@semakness  ~]#  mkdir  /disk
Create a folder in /disk
  • [root@semakness  ~]#  mkdir  /disk/dir
Create multiple folder in multiple directories with single command
  • [root@semakness  ~]#  mkdir  /etc/dir1 /var/dir2 /usr/dir3
Create multiple folder in same directory
  • [root@semakness  ~]#  mkdir  dir1 dir2 dir3
Copy a file in directory
  • [root@semakness  disk]#  cp  file dir
Copy a file from /disk/file and paste it in /disk/dir/
  • [root@semakness  disk]#  cp  /disk/file /disk/dir
Copy a directory with –r option
  • [root@semakness  disk]#  cp  -r  dir  dir2
Copy a file from /disk/file and paste it in /etc with myfile name
  • [root@semakness  disk]#  cp  /disk/file  /etc/myfile
Remove a file
  • [root@semakness  disk]#  rm file
Remove a file with forcefully option
  • [root@semakness  disk]#  rm –f  file
Remove a directory with out –r option and you face will an error
  • [root@semakness  disk]#  rm dir
Remove a directory with –r option
  • [root@semakness  disk]#  rm  -r  /disk
Remove a directory with forcefully option
  • [root@semakness  disk]#  rm  -rf  dir
Move /etc/dir1 to /disk/ with different name
  • [root@semakness  disk]#  mv  /etc/dir1  /disk/mydir
Rename the folder name mydir to dir
  • [root@semakness  disk]#  mv  /disk/mydir  /disk/dir
Rename the file name with myfile
  • [root@semakness  disk]#  mv file myfile
Read a file page by page with less command
  • [root@semakness  disk]# less  /etc/grub.conf
Read a file page by page with more command
  • [root@semakness  disk]# more  /etc/qrub.conf
Read first ten lines of grub.conf
  • [root@semakness  disk]# head  /etc/grub.conf
Read last ten lings of grub.conf
  • [root@semakness  disk]# tail  /etc/grub.conf
Read first 12 lines with –n option
  • [root@semakness  disk]# head  -n  12  /etc/grub.conf
Read last 11 lines with –n option
  • [root@semakness  disk]# tail  -n 11  /etc/grub.conf
Copy the contents of /etc/grub.conf in /disk/file
  • [root@semakness  disk]# cat  /etc/grub.conf > /disk/file
Append the contents /etc/mtab in /etc/file
  • [root@semakness  disk]# cat  /etc/mtab >>  /disk/file
Merging tow commands with pipe sign output of the first command is input of second command
  • [root@semakness  disk]# cat  /etc/squid/squid.conf I more
Count the total lines of squid.conf
  • [root@semakness  disk]# cat  /etc/squid/squid.conf I wc  -L
Show only spool words in squid.conf
  • [root@semakness  disk]# cat  /etc/squid/squid.conf  I grep  spool
Flush the contents of file
  • [root@semakness  disk]# cat  /dev/null  >  /var/log/messages
Anyone whose played Brink knows that it was meant for online play. The AI is terrible and you can’t even control them. Since we got all the Brink challenges done already I figured it was time to give some tips and tricks for the online portion of the game. So lets get started.

Tips & Tricks for Brink Online 1. Parkour. One of the main selling points of this game is the free movement system that lets you jump over walls and wall jump. Use it to your advantage! Taking the straight path will often result in you being gunned down before you even make it to the objective. It is the fastest way there but you really run the risk of dying.

Tips & Tricks for Brink Online 2. Buff your teammates. 'SPOILER ALERT' Engineers I’m sorry but your turrets aren’t that great. Your weapon damage buff on the other hand is fantastic. This is a great way to increase your exp and help you team win. Nearly everyone can buff in one way or another so use it to your advantage and let the other team put down the turrets that don’t even shoot you when your right in front of them.

Tips & Tricks for Brink Online 3. Melee knock over is amazing. Yup if you can knock someone down do it. By the time they see you its likely already to late and you’ve killed them. What about the slide tackle? One of the best features in the game! I’ve taken out two a time easily with this. I don’t know if you can do more then that but it is funny to watch a huge dude drop from a slide kick.

Tips & Tricks for Brink Online 4. Sniping. Oh man I really dislike this in the game. It is very hard to his those speedy guys and even harder to get a head shot. Whats more you don’t even get the one hit quit half the time. Just don’t do it.

Tips & Tricks for Brink Online 5. Playing smarter. Alright this is a givin but if the team needs more medics be a medic. there is no reason to have 5 soldiers 2 engineers and an operative. No medic equals gg. Medics also get a a lot of exp for healing and rezing so why not.

Tips & Tricks for Brink Online 6. Use the objective wheel. I can’t tell you how much exp I missed just because I always had the main objective selected. You’re not going to get a massive exp boost but it will add up after a few games so why waste the exp?
For the most part that’s all I can think of for tips & tricks for Brink Online. If you have any other suggestions please list them below in the comments. Happy hunting!

Keyboard shortcuts are preset in the system, but you can add new ones or change them easily. For instance, change the default shortcut Ctrl+Alt+T (Run a Terminal) to Win+R (press R while holding down the Windows key, also known as Super key) by the following steps:
Keyboard ShortcutsGo To System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts
  1. Browse to Desktop > "Run a terminal"
  2. Click on the Shortcut, and it shows "New shortcut..."
  3. Press Win+R, and it shows Mod4+R
  4. Click the Close button and try the new shortcut.

  •    To disable a shortcut, press Backspace when it shows "New shortcut..." after the step 3 above.
  •    Shortcuts begin with XF86 refer to special keys available to some multimedia keyboards.
  •    Keyboard shortcuts can also be set by changing keybinding values with Configuration Editor. Press Alt+F2 and enter gconf-editor, then navigate to apps > gnome_settings_daemon > keybindings, or apps > metacity > global_keybindings and window_keybindings.

If your Ubuntu system sets the Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons to the left in a window and you prefer to change them to the right, then follow these simple steps:
  • Move buttons to rightPress Alt+F2 to bring up "Run Application" window.
  • Type gconf-editor into the box, click "Run" to bring up Configuration Editor.
  • Browse to apps > metacity > general, look for "button_layout" on the right panel.
  • Change the value in the "button_layout" from close,minimize,maximize: to menu:minimize,maximize,close and press the Enter key.

When you set the panel to be transparent in the default Ambiance theme in Ubuntu, you will find that some panel items' backgrounds are not transparent, but you can make them transparent and consistent with others, following these steps:
  • Ubuntu DesktopGo to Applications (or Main Menu) > Accessories > Terminal.
    • Enter cp -R /usr/share/themes/Ambiance ~/.themes/
      • Enter gedit ~/.themes/Ambiance/gtk-2.0/apps/gnome-panel.rc (for Ubuntu 11.04 or 10.10) OR gedit ~/.themes/Ambiance/gtk-2.0/gtkrc (for Ubuntu 10.04), to open the file with gedit.
        • Search for this line bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = "img/panel.png" (for Ubuntu 11.04 or 10.10) OR bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = "panel_bg.png" (for Ubuntu 10.04)
          • Ubuntu DesktopComment out the line by placing a # at the beginning of the line, like this: #   bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = ...
            • Save the file.
              • Go to System > Preferences > Appearance, switch to the other theme and then back to the Ambiance theme.
                   If you'd to change to the New Wave theme, then enter cp -R /usr/share/themes/"New Wave" ~/.themes/ in step 2, enter gedit ~/.themes/"New Wave"/gtk-2.0/gtkrc in step 3, search for and comment out this line bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = "Images/Panel/PanelBarLong.png" in steps 4 and 5 respectively.

                Ubuntu includes a top panel and a bottom panel by default. If you prefer to keep only one panel at the bottom just like the Windows Taskbar, then these are the steps to follow:
                1. Ubuntu DesktopDelete the bottom panel: right-click over it and click "Delete This Panel".
                2. Move the top panel to bottom: right-click over it, select "Properties" and change Orientation from "Top" to "Bottom".
                3. Add running program buttons: right-click the panel, select "Add to Panel", scroll down and select "Window List", click "Add".
                4. Replace the Menu Bar ("Applications-Places-System") with the "Main Menu" to save space in the panel:
                  1. Right-click the "Menu Bar" and select "Remove From Panel".
                  2. Right-click the panel, select "Add to Panel" and choose "Main Menu", click "Add".
                  3. Right-click the items (Firefox, etc) and untick "Lock to Panel".
                  4. Right-click the added "Main Menu", select "Move" to relocate it to the far left.
                These are basic changes. The panels are much more flexible than the Windows Taskbar in that many items in the panels can be easily added, removed or configured.
                   The Main Menu shows the "Lock Screen", "Log Out" and "Shut Down" items if you remove the "Indicator Applet Session" item (which shows your username and the shutdown button to the right of the panel). These three items are hidden from the Main Menu when the Indicator Applet Session item is on the panel.
                   If you need to restore the panels to the original state, enter the following commands into the Terminal and re-start the system:
                1. sudo gconftool-2 --shutdown
                2. sudo rm -rf .gconf/apps/panel
                3. sudo pkill gnome-panel
                   At any point if your customized desktop settings caused a problem and you wish to reset all back to their defaults, then enter this command sudo rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity in the Terminal, log out and log back in to the system.

                WEP encryption (Wired Equivalent Privacy, or Wired Equivalent Privacy) is a cipher, implemented in the 802.11 wireless connection protocol, which encrypts the information we will pass between two points so that it can only be access to them and interpret them the points that have the same key.
                In general, a wireless router or Access Point will only allow access to those terminals that have the same WEP encryption key.

                This key can be of three types:
                64-bit WEP key .-, 5 characters or 10 hexadecimal digits (0 to 9””””A to F preceded by the string”0x”).
                128-bit WEP key .-, 13 characters or 26 hexadecimal digits (0 to 9””””A to F preceded by the string”0x”).
                256-bit WEP key .-, 29 characters or 58 hexadecimal digits (0 to 9””””A to F preceded by the string”0x”).
                The one most often used is 128 bit, offering a good level of protection without being overly long and complicated.

                The 256-bit WEP encryption is not supported by many devices.
                WEP key can decipher (there are programs for it), but this requires an uninterrupted traffic data for a given time (in fact, enough data and enough time).
                Obviously, the higher the level of encryption and key more complicated the more difficult it will be to decipher.

                It does not take the same (given data volume and time) to crack the WEP encryption key of 64 bits of 128 bits, and there are also no relationship between arithmetic, ie it does not take twice as crack a WEP key of 128 bits a 64-bit.
                Although it is possible to crack these encryption keys, do not think that is easy or quick. A good key 128-bit WEP encryption (if not a 256-bit) can be almost unreadable if we have ensured that is sufficiently complicated.

                Most key-cracking programs are based on a series of more or less logical sequence with which it begins to attack our system to enter. Obviously, a key rate takes seconds 1234567890 be located, but no one thinks (or should it occur) to this key.

                We should avoid keys that contain sequences related to us (dates, names, places), and phrases, as it is the first thing you try this type of program. This is not only valid for a WEP key, but for any kind of key you say. We should also avoid key easy as consecutive sequences of keys or numbers.

                For safety it is strongly recommended wherever possible to enable MAC address filtering. An also read my post on Wifi Security

                MAC (Media Access Control address) is a hexadecimal identifier of 48 bits. This address is unique for each device, not being a user-modifiable parameter (each card or network interface has its own MAC address, set by the manufacturer.)
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