Working with Windows Startup Items

fio semakness | Tuesday, April 26, 2011 | 0 comments

What command do I type in the Run box to bring up the window that tells me what programs to automatically run when the computer starts? Also, I am trying to burn CDs and it says the drive is busy when I am not doing anything. Ideas?

Managing Startup Items
In order to manage the startup items via the Run box, you simply enter in the command msconfig and then click the OK button. This loads the MSConfig utility where you can then click the Startup Items tab and make your adjustments. Windows Vista users can access MSConfig by typing msconfig into the Start button's Search bar and pressing Enter. Once the MSConfig icon appears, click it and the MSConfig utility will launch.

Another tool for managing startup programs is Windows Defender which comes with both Windows XP and Vista. Simply launch Windows Defender and click the Tools link. Next, click Software Explorer where you can view and adjust your startup programs. This tool is easier to use as it classifies and groups each program, making it easier to determine if a program is necessary or not.

Drive Busy Error
Now, on to the "drive busy" error. Do you use the drive to run backups? If so, it may be busy performing a scheduled backup, though I have a hunch that's not the case.

In researching drive busy errors, I found that some CD burners and programs have known "drive busy" problems which are generally solved by updating the device and/or its software. In addition, some users receive a message that the drive is busy and should be unmounted. First, try updating your operating system (which may in turn automatically update your hardware if updates are available) and then check for updates for your CD burning software.

If operating system and software updates don't help, go to the Control Panel and find the Device Manager. From there, double-click the DVD/CD-ROM category and then double-click your drive. What does it say under Device Status? Is there a specific error code? If so, we can then research the specific code for further ideas. In the meantime, you can click the Driver tab followed by the Update Driver button and then let Windows search automatically for updated drivers.

Hopefully one of the updates will fix your drive busy error. If not, let us know the following:
- Operating system
- CD drive model and version (Device Manager has this information)
- Specific error code if any
- CD burning software and version


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