How To: Make Your XP Look Like Mac OSX In 3 Simple Steps

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Step 1: Get a transformation pack.

The best Mac OSX transformation pack for Windows XP is probably FlyakiteOSX. The creator’s website itself is worth the visit, but if it doesn’t load in your browser, get Firefox, and here’s a download link.

Step 2: Install

Run the installer and when you get to the following screen, MAKE SURE you check the box Create System Restore Point. The transformation pack will change a lot of system files and settings and although you should be able to uninstall easily later, you might find yourself in a mess if something goes wrong. This way you can always do a System Restore. Check any other options you want and you’re ready!How to make your XP look like Mac OSX -

Step 3: Enjoy!

After the restart, you should be able to convince all, but the most die-hard Mac lovers that you have an OSX. This is what your desktop should look like now: How to make your XP look like Mac OSX -
Like other good transformation packs,
this also leaves you a nice Mac OSX shutdown screen: How to make your XP look like Mac OSX -
...And a Mac OSX logon Screen:
How to make your XP look like Mac OSX -
I’ll give FlyakiteOSX an excellent 5 stars.  

Note: The transformation pack might trigger your anti-virus protection as it changes some system files, but this is probably a false positive. Be careful though, and remember to back up!

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