Facebook Smiley Codes (EMOTICONS)

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We all use facebook but still alot of us are unware of how to use smileys in chat.Some of us just think how the other person have sent a smiley.Well it is very simple to send smileys in facebook chat.You have to just enter a code and it will automatically convert into a smiley.I am providing here a complete list of smiley codes that can be used on facebook.Even if you already use or know some of the codes even then you will find this list very useful becuase you will find a lot of new codes

Here is the list of all Facebook Emoticons and their shortcuts:

Emoticon Name Shortcut

smile smile :-)  :)  :]  =)
tongue tongue :-P  :P  :-p  :p  =P
wink wink ;-)  ;)
grin grin :-D  :D  =D
curly lips curly lips :3
kiss kiss :-*  :*
grumpy grumpy >:(  >:-(
glasses glasses 8-)  8)  B-)  B)
sunglasses sunglasses 8-|  8|  B-|  B|
upset upset >:O  >:-O  >:o  >:-o
confused confused o.O  O.o
shark shark (^^^)
gasp gasp :-O  :O  :-o  :o
pacman pacman :v
squint squint -_-
devil devil 3:)  3:-)
unsure unsure :/  :-/  :\  :-\
frown frown :-(  :(  :[  =(
cry cry :'(
Putnam Chris Putnam :putnam:
robot robot :|]
heart heart <3
angel angel O:)  O:-)
kiki kiki ^_^
penguin facebook emoticon penguin <(“)

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