How To Format Windows Vista and Reinstall Windows XP (Success)

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Anybody Please help me!
I just bought compaq laptop with preinstalled Vista. I don't want to use Vista and would like to install XP professional. When I put CD and installed XP, it started to load some drivers and appeared 'Blue Screen'. I checked CD. CD is working very well on other computer.
I checked some forum and according to their talking, XP doesn't support SATA harddisk. Is it correct?
How can I solve this problem?
From windows Vista, I tried to format C: but it doesn't work.
I don't want to use Vista and I preferred XP professional. Help me, Please. :)
Thank you.

How to settle

First of all go to the cmos setup by pressing F2 (Boost Option)
Then go to the system configuration option and then disable the sata mode option
Then press F10 to save the changes and quit.
After that boot ur laptop fro windows xp cd and follow the instruction


You need to do some changes in the BIOS settings.
You need to change the hard disk settings from ACPI to IDE.
Then you will be able to install XP

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