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Since Fifa 07 favours a fast pace, the most important attributes for players are sprinting and acceleration. Gamers should focus on building these stats in FOL2.

  • Tips from IAHGames
The game operator of Fifa Online 2 for South-east Asia suggests that when selecting your first team to manage, do not form a team with the players that you want. That is because the players in your original line-up will have their stats lowered and you end up spending a lot of time beefing up their skills. So if you want to play in the Barclays Premier League and want to get Rooney and Ronaldo, do not choose Manchester United. Go for a lowly team in the league like Sunderland.
Then, as you play the game, players from other teams in the league will start appearing in the transfer market. When you buy these players, their stats will be considerably higher than if they were in your initial team's line-up.
Sprinting and acceleration are the most important attributes for your attackers so they can outrun the defence to get into scoring positions. Ball control is quite important for midfielders so they will not lose possession of the ball so easily.
At the end of the day, it is still your playing skill that matters more than the stats of your players.

  • Items for sale
There are two types of virtual currencies in FOL2. The first is called League Points (LP), which you earn from winning games and completing side quests. The second is called Cash Points (CP), which you need to pay for with real money.
Here is a sneak peek of the items available for sale at the in-game store when the game goes commercial next month.

  • Attack goggles
Increases the long passing ability of your player. Now we know why famous Dutch midfielder Edgar Davids wears them.

  • Manager experience up card
Increases the experience points of your manager by 20 per cent. So you spend less time to get him ranked higher.

  • Change coach name plus LP
Lets you use Cash Points to change the name of your coach from the default black font to a different colour, plus you get extra LPs.

  • Goal ceremony
Your players can now celebrate in a new style when they score goals.

  • Position change
This item lets you switch the default position of your player, say from striker to defender. Here's your chance to prove that Ronaldinho works better as a defender.

Brought to you by IAHGames.

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